Self Study / Lecture Notes
Forecasters Training Course (General Meteorology)
Sl. # Title Subject View / Download
1 E-learning Climate Science - ExtraTropica Climate Science
2 Climate of Continents Climate Science
3 E-learning Agricultural Meteorology Climate Science
4 Paper III Synoptic Meteorology Synoptic Meteorology
5 E-learning Synoptic Meteorology Synoptic Meteorology
6 Circulation And Vorticity Dynamic Meteorology
7 Global Angular Momentum Budget Dynamic Meteorology
8 Hydrodynamic instability Dynamic Meteorology
9 Perturbation Theory Dynamic Meteorology
10 Planetary Buoundary Layer Dynamic Meteorology
11 Figures Dynamic Meteorology
12 Atmospheric Waves Dynamic Meteorology
13 Atmospheric energetics Dynamic Meteorology
14 E-learning Dynamic Meteorology Dynamic Meteorology
15 Radar Meteorology Radar
16 E-learning Radar Radar
17 E-learning Hydrological Cycle Hydrology
18 E-learning Meteorological Statistics Meteorological Statistics
19 E-learning Physical Oceanography Physical Meteorology
20 Lecture Notes on Physical Meteorology (Classroom Learning Portions) Physical Meteorology
21 E-learning Physical Meteorology Physical Meteorology
22 E-learning Aviation Meteorology Aviation Meteorology
23 E-learning Satellite Meteorology Satellite Meteorology
24 Lecture on Satellite Meteorology Satellite Meteorology
25 Paper V-Satellite Meteorology - IMDPS Satellite Meteorology
26 Paper V-Satellite Meteorology - Principles of Sounding Satellite Meteorology

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