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AS ON 28-09-2022

Sr. # Project Name Date of Commencement  Details
1 Main Portal and Database 27-07-2008 Development of main platform and centralised database architecture for hosting various in-house developed applications.
2 Personnel Information System 31-07-2008 For HR Management and sharing real-time basic information of all IMD employees and statistics thereof.
3 Forms, Seniority Lists, IMD News, etc. 22-09-2008 These are the facilities to view different Forms, Seniority Lists, IMD News, etc. User can also take the printout of them as per their requirement
4 Leave Management 01-02-2009 Leave Management System is the online application in which a user can apply and track the leave applied by him/her and the section can approve and monitoring the leave records of their employees.
5 MAUSAM Catalog 24-02-2009 To facilitate Researchers in IMD with online access to the Papers, Arricles, Abstracts, etc. published in the journal MAUSAM of IMD. The documents are made available by the MAUSAM Publication Unit at IMD HQ.
6 Salary and Payments Display 26-03-2009 It provides the online information about the salary and payments of particular employee after his/her login on METNET.
7 IMD Directory Search 21-05-2009 IMD Directory Search is the online search engine. To locate a employees with his/her profile. Contact address of different sub-office under their main office, sections with their strength and observatories of IMD.
8 Progress Report Display & Upload 01-07-2009 For Sharing the Progress Reports with the IMD Officials, made available by the RMCs, Offices at Pune, and those at HQ.
9 Pensioner's Corner 05-02-2010 Pensioner's corner involves the details of registered retired users, their contact details, residential address, documents related to retirement and other useful links.
10 IMD AWAS (Online Guest House Booking and Management) -- IMD AWAS, is a web-based application, which helps in the Online Booking of rooms in Guest House. The Employee can request room allotment online and the Incharge of guesthouse can process his request and take further action for allotment.
11 METNET Instant Messenger 15-11-2010 An Intra-IMD facility for IMD Officials to communicate and exchange documents among themselves related to the office matters .
12 IMD Centralized E-Administration Support System - IMD CEASS 27-01-2011 This is an online e-Service Book application for management of personal records of the officials, generation of reports of all sorts of admin matters.
13 भारत मौसम विज्ञान विभाग
राजभाषा पटल
01-07-2011 To provide all offices and employees, the information related to the celebration of IMD fourth Hindi Seminar on 1st July 2011. This is a single pont of access for the distribution of the media files of the event.
14 IMDBAMS - IMD Budget & Accounts Management System, Version 1.0 04-07-2011 IMD Budget & Accounts Management System which gives details of Budget allocations and status of payments in IMD
15 IMD Personnel Information System 27-07-2011 This system has been relauched with the inclusion of extra facilities about all IMD employees and statistics thereof.
16 IMDBAMS - IMD Budget & Accounts Management System, Version 1.1 01-04-2013 IMD Budget & Accounts Management System which gives details of Budget allocations and status of payments in IMD with Display of Plan category for 1) Yearly Month-wise Expenditure Statement, 2)Scheme-wise Consolidated Expenditure Statement.
17 IMDBAMS - IMD Budget & Accounts Management System, Version 1.2 01-07-2013 IMD Budget & Accounts Management System which gives details of Budget allocations and status of payments in IMD with facility of Reconciliation with PAO.
18 IMD CCMS - Court Cases Monitoring System 15-10-2014 For online monitoring of all legal matters, court cases pending at District Court, CAT, High Court and Supreme Court so that timely and appropriate action may be taken at the earliest.
19 Briefcase/Handbag claim bill reimbursement 23-08-2016 IMD Gazetted Officers can submit bill for Briefcase/Handbag claim reimbursement online and concerned Bill Section can process consolidated bill for approval.
20 Weather Forecast Verification Centre 01-02-2017 This is a single-point access of precipitation forecast verification report , normals, etc. necessarily required by the forecasting officials working in operational units.
21 IMD Stores 31-03-2017 An online management of IMD store which includes online submission of requisition for store, receive and issue of stocks and their monitoring
22 IMD Works 01-04-2017 Online management of the various cases handled by the Works Division in coordination with other sub-offices of IMD.
23 IMD Work Flow Dashboard - IMD WFD 06-07-2021 An Online Officer Diary
24 IMD Publication Dashboard 01-09-2021 A Dashboard of research papers published in MAUSAM and extra departmental Journals by IMD Scientists
25 Display of Banner 05-11-2021 Facility to all Sections (under Login by Section) of DGM & CRS Pune Offices and Admin Section of all RMCs to display info-graphics of events.
26 Facility of Calculation of Night-Weightage 29-11-2021 Calculation of Night-Weightage for the employees having Basic Pay up-to Rs.43,600/-. has been made available on METNET.
27 IMD Welfare, Union & Association Portal 01-12-2021 An Online Portal for IMD Officials for selection of Union / Association annually. Representatives of the Union / Associations verifies the nominations. Admin Seat deduct subscription and update the amount on the Portal.
28 DGM Secretariat Diary 10-02-2022 For online display of DGM's Bi-weekly Review Meetings and other Appointments, DGM Secretariat's dak/diary online entry and booking of DGM Conference Hall, etc. The data is updated exclusively by the DGM Secretariat



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